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Christina Aguilera Masters Value Retention Through Versatility

It’s no secret that celebrities make more money compared to the average person. However, they often pay a big price in return for their fortunes. Their lives, flaws, and mishaps face constant public scrutiny. The life of a celebrity is intense as career pressure and demand can become overwhelming. Some celebrities succumb to the pressure […]

Celebrity Value and Mishaps

Among thousands of celebrities, we all have our favorites. We follow their movies, their sports games, their interests, their music, and much more. We admire them, making them subconsciously a part of our lives. For these reasons, many advertisers use celebrities to promote products. Celebrities create interest and force people to listen because we feel […]

Five Ways Social Media Affects Celebrity Value

Social media is one of the biggest advertising methods for businesses today. In fact, according to The CMO Survey, a top marketing survey used to forecast marketing trends, social media will experience a 126% increase in marketing spend over the next five years. It is literally becoming a social expectation. Even the Motion Picture Academy […]

Hottest Patent Classes in 2014

The patent industry includes hundreds of patent classes and thousands of subclasses. The most prominent classes typically receive the most patent grants each year. These classes indicate where the market focus is and which companies are thriving in those areas. These classes often show big, aggressive companies as patent holders. According to ipAnalytx, in 2014, […]

Five Companies That Abandoned the Most Patents in 2014

While the word “abandon” implies neglect, companies abandon patents for a couple of reasons. Sometimes, companies inadvertently abandon a patent because they miss a maintenance fee due date. Other times, companies purposely abandon patents because the patent no longer holds value. Advancements in a particular field, such as technology, can quickly render some patents obsolete. […]

College Football Playoff Trademark Downfall

Trademarks are a useful and valuable tool for business owners and organizations. They help companies and their products stand out by providing brand recognition. Without trademarks, consumers wouldn’t know the difference between a pair of Nike gym shoes and Adidas gym shoes. Colleges are no different. With trademarks, colleges can sell products, entice students to […]

Ohio State Win Increases Value

In the sports world, fans like nothing more than a big win in their team’s favor. For the sports organizations, a big win means more value. For college teams, a big win means big news for the college as well as the team. Luckily for Ohio State, its football team made the biggest win of […]

Bill Cosby’s Value Demise

More than fifty years ago, one of the most famous comedians of our time was just beginning his career. Bill Cosby’s career began in the early 60s with stand-up comedy and a starring role in I Spy, a drama television series. But his real claim to fame began in the 1980s with the widely popular […]

Joe Cocker Masters Generating Value From Covers

For most musicians, singing cover songs takes them to local bars, coffee shops, and other small venues. Rarely do musicians make it big unless they write their own music or at least sing originals from a paid writer. Joe Cocker was an exception. While he spent nearly a decade in local bars before he became […]

Pellegrino & Associates: A Year in Review

The year 2014 has been a great one for Pellegrino & Associates. We worked with a number of repeat clients and enjoyed working with many new ones. All of these clients bring interesting concepts from a variety of industries. One industry sector that increasingly seeks our services is law. In fact, we worked with eight […]