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Hollywood thrives on the abilities of its actors. A film can have a catchy soundtrack, dazzling costumes, and astounding visual effects, but without the talent to make the storyline come to life, the film easily becomes a flop. This is why the entertainment industry seeks actors with proven records or those up and coming actors […]

Creating an individual brand image takes skill, public demand, and sales. Most people can name the hottest celebrities based on the amount of attention those celebrities command. Whether it is via the number of movie appearances, concert tours, sold books, winning games, or something else, the more public these celebrities become, the more people want […]

Nonpracticing entities (NPEs), a.k.a. patent trolls or patent holding companies, receive tons of bad publicity almost daily. Headlines flood the media with the latest lawsuit where an NPE sues another company for infringement. Patent owners and inventors accuse NPEs of stifling innovation because they have to spend more time and money defending themselves against NPEs […]

The technology industry has a knack for churning out new innovations at remarkable speed. However, gone are the days when headlines feature new products, services, and other innovations—or so it seems. Instead, headlines continue to highlight patent lawsuits among the technology industry. The technology industry is one of the most advanced and fiercely competitive industries […]

At the end of June, Amgen Inc., known as the world’s largest biotech company, offered to buy Onyx Pharmaceuticals for $120 per share, equating to nearly $10 billion. However, Onyx felt that the price was too low and that its company is worth more. Therefore, Onyx set out to find another buyer. Since the offer, […]

What do jeans and football have in common? Naming rights. Levi Strauss & Co. (Levi) and the San Francisco 49ers (49ers) agreed to a 20-year deal worth $220 million for the naming rights of a new stadium. The Levi Stadium is slated to host the Super Bowl in 2016 and is now the most high-tech […]

Patents can prove to be valuable assets to companies. However, patents have expiration dates. In fact, last year, nearly 12,800 patents expired among just 10 companies with the most patent expirations. While patent expirations may come as no surprise, it can be surprising to learn that some patents expire because patent owners neglect to pay […]

Patents prove extremely valuable for pharmaceutical companies. In fact, without a patent, Pfizer likely would not have enjoyed billions in revenue for Lipitor. (The Lipitor patent was the most profitable patent in the world to date.) Patents provide exclusive rights for a fixed period to the inventor or the inventor’s assignee, giving inventors the ability […]